Providing clean, clear, and highly visible signage for airport visitors is a task that should be handled by sign system professionals. We, at Sign Design Associates, Inc. have been in the commercial sign business for over two decades, and have the experience you need for a project of such caliber. Our total sign package is designed to compliment existing architecture, constructed of the highest quality materials, and professionally and securely installed. If you are looking for professionally designed and manufactured interior or exterior signage for an airport construction or remodeling project, please contact us via our web form, e-mail us at, or call us at (610) 791-9301 during normal business hours..


Exterior Directory

Parking Signs

An exterior parking and gate directory helps visitors get where they need to go in better time.

Building and grounds sign systems complement the architecture of the complex.

Parking Directions

Vehicle Identification

Clear directions in a parking lot can greatly increase a visitor's impression of the airport.

Identification lettering for service vehicles provides security and uniformity.


Main Overhead Directional

People Transit Signage
From a great distance, the main overhead directional signage provides clear direction for visitors. Escalators, express walkways, and other transits should have their location and direction clearly marked.

Total Way-Finding Signage

Secondary Directional
Providing highly visible wayfinding signage will keep busy visitors from becoming frustrated or lost. Smaller, yet visible, secondary directional signs help to keep traffic moving in the right direction.

Suspended Gate Signage

Suspended Elevator Signage
Gates should be clearly marked to avoid confusion. A clean overhead sign is a good choice for this job. Pictured here is another example of a suspended sign. This one clearly marks the entrance to the elevator.

Indoor Advertising

Advertising Banners

High quality, full color spot ads effectively catch your visitor's attention.  Decorative advertising banners for high ceiling atriums add a splash of color. 

   Sign and Directory Panels with Maximum Flexibility

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Sign System

The Panel-X sign and directory system is designed exclusively by Sign Design Associates, Inc. to fit the growing needs of airports, for professional buildings, and other institutional building complexes such as college campuses. Having two decades of experience with the aforementioned facilities, we have specifically designed Panel-X sign and directory system to meet the changing needs they have.

The Panel-X directory system can be easily updated, while still maintaining a tamper-resistant profile. All panels within the directory are protected beneath a sub-surface, non-glare, clear facing.  Panels are accessed only by authorized personnel with a special tool which exposes the panels for updating. The panels are doubly secured by a magnetic mounting system just beneath the surface of the panel itself.

Although there are standard sizes and colors, the Panel-X sign and directory system can be custom manufactured to virtually any size or color.

If you would like more information on the Panel-X sign and directory system, please call us at 610-791-9301, or email us at, and we will be happy to help you design a Panel-X system that is attractive as well as practical for your facility.

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